2018 Mark 5K Sponsors set the wheels in motion

Many thanks to the sponsors who made the 2018 5K run/walk a success. Your sponsorship covered all event expenses which allowed the 5K to fully fund the $25,000 endowment. The endowment will be held to maturity, the year 2021, which will sustain the Mark A Callanan Scholarship for many years to come! Your sponsorship will change lives!

2019 sponsors.jpg

the 2019 Mark 5K sponsors continue to move Mark’s legacy forward

Your sponsorship again covered the event expenses so that all funds raised by participants can be added to the scholarship fund. The reality of awarding the scholarship in Mark’s name is almost here. On the day that the first scholarship is awarded the sadness of Mark’s death will not be erased, but the creation of this legacy will bring such joy to his family and friends.